Hey guys,

Alvin My name is alvin and there are a few things I'd like you to know about me. One, I'm not going to preach to you (I'm more of a "conversation" guy and I never really liked people telling me what to do). Two, I'm not going to do back flips and make MTV references to get your attention (who is this "Little Wayne" anyway?...No seriously I have no idea).

My main point is that I am just like you, no really. I don't have some crazy, brutal back-story. I haven't made any revelations from the gutter. I'm just a human being, living life and trying to create the most joyous experiences for myself. All I care to do is share my own insight with you. With that insight I have come up with a few simple things that I'd like to talk with you about, a few things that I think will make most problems and trials seem a little easier to manage.

The main way we do this is by simply looking inside ourselves for all the answers to our questions. Not literally, not like...with an x-ray machine, I mean figuratively. By understanding how you feel with your own life experiences and learning from them, you can find all the answers you need in life. Only you have the answers you need (after all, it is your life, right?). Only you! Not your friends, not your parents, not even your teachers can fully understand what its like to be you. So let's talk about that- ways to guide your life from within. You have all the answers already; you just need to know where to look.

Ok, let's continue this conversation when I see you.

Wishing the best for you!

Your friend,